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To start the day, nothing better than a good breakfast. The Turkish breakfast, then, has it all: eggs, sausage, cheese, salad, bread, jams, olives, and, depending on the location, even a few more ingredients, like eggplant and roasted peppers.

Both in kahvaltı and at all hours of the day, çay is consumed constantly by every self-respecting Turk.
In Brazil you drink tea. But with the Turkish atmosphere, and those cups, only even in Turkey.

It has several variations of kebap, with meat, with chicken ...
This is widely consumed, with köfte and eggplant. Patlican Kebabı.
The flavor cannot be explained. We wait for you to experience

Dish that takes very thinly sliced ​​roasted meat, a super special sauce, and, for the most daring palates, very spicy. Accompanied by bread, yogurt and green pepper.

In Brazil it is known as Greek barbecue. But this dish has a curiosity: it is not Greek, it is Turkish.
Here it is served as a sandwich filling, or in dishes such as iskender, or with rice and salad. In Turkey, döner can also be made with chicken.

Or salty yogurt. Prepared with plain yogurt, water and salt.
What makes it more special is the preparation, where the ayran is beaten to a creamy consistency and creates a delicious foam.
Cold, accompanies all types of dishes very well, and even softens the effects of spicy food on the stomach. There is also industrialized ayran, sold in glasses or bottles.

After these delights, we will end with the taste and aroma of delicious Turkish coffee.
The grinding and preparation of this coffee makes it very special.

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