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Cappadocia is an incomparable region full of surprises, where it is possible to find natural beauty and incredible rock and geological formations, in tones that vary between beige, pale pink and straw yellow, formed by the incessant work of the wind, rain and extreme temperature variations.

Located in the middle of Turkey, in a region called Central Anatolia, the place is a great option for those looking for a destination that is both historic and touristy. There tourists will be able to see and enjoy from old churches to incredible balloon rides through the region.


Balloon tour The balloon tour is one of the most famous and most disputed tours by tourists who go to Cappadocia, after all it will be one of the most fantastic experiences of their entire lives.

With indescribable landscapes and the inner peace that the flight will provide you, during the tour it will be possible to observe green fields, wild animals, valleys, hills, cities, houses in the caves, the old local rock formations, and even watch the sunset with a privileged view.

To enjoy this experience that lasts an average of 1 and a half hours, it is necessary to book well in advance (4 to 5 weeks) and choose the time of the year to do so, as an authorization is required due to weather conditions.

Fairy chimneys This tourist spot, for sure, has to be on the itinerary of those who visit Cappadocia. The Fairy Chimneys or Earth Pyramids as it is also known, are geological formations that have existed for more than 65 million years.

They were formed by means of a heavy block that pressed the soil below, leaving a part of the earth firmer and causing the surrounding earth to give way to this natural work of art.

Ihlara Valley For those who love to have contact with nature and see beautiful landscapes, the Ihlara Valley is also a great option. To admire all this beauty, it only became possible, thanks to the result of the cooling of the Hasandagi volcano, that gave space to the beautiful canyons with approximately 100 meters of depth.

The most interesting thing about this tourist spot is that it is possible to get to know the place from both the top and the bottom. Access can be made by stairs that are spread across the valley and that will take tourists to a space next to the edge of Rio Melendiz.

Many believe that the site was once home to more than 80,000 people and a refuge for monks and a prayer retreat. Today the region has only 3 thousand inhabitants, with houses and churches scattered around the city.

Underground Cities of Kaymakli and Derinkuyu Even with about 200 underground cities, those of Derinkuyu and Kaymakli located in Cappadocia, are mandatory stops for those who are touring the region.

Real monuments sculpted underground and connected only by long corridors, the place that for many years served as a refuge for different peoples, has its creation still much discussed by archaeologists.

According to some experts, cities were created sometime between 9000 and 4000 B.C., which leads us to believe that they are extremely old, preserved and impressive.

Open air museum of Göreme One of the most popular tourist spots in Cappadocia, the Open Air Museum of Göreme, or Göreme Open Air Museum, was in 1984 considered a UNESCO Heritage Site due to its cultural and architectural importance.

The space that brings together several churches and chapels carved in stones, dating from the 7th century and which still bring original paintings from that time, makes the place even more special.

Valley of the Birds The Valley of the Birds is one of the most important tourist spots in the region. Its name arose due to the bird houses that were carved in the rocks and served so that the inhabitants of the region could create pigments for paintings of ceramics and frescoes and use them as a means of communication.

Another great highlight of the valley is the tree covered by “Turkish Eyes, or“ Greek Eyes ”as it is also called, which serve as an amulet to scare away the evil eye. There are others of these trees scattered around Cappadocia, but this is the most beautiful and decorated.

Uçhisar Castle An entire city carved out of a great mountain, Uçhisar is one of the great attractions of Cappadocia. Within this old village, what stands out most is the Castle of Uçhisar that was built and excavated between the 12th and 13th centuries and is 1300 meters above sea level, providing tourists with one of the most beautiful views of the city.

Unfortunately, it is currently possible to visit only part of the castle, so visitors will arrive on the site only a short walk through the excavated internal part, most of which will be done from the outside. By climbing some stairs installed on the site, tourists will be able to reach the top of the fortress, where it is possible to admire the valleys and the local geography.

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