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One of the most visited and exciting cities in the world, Istanbul has approximately 15 million inhabitants and was once the capital of three great empires: Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. It is impossible not to be dazzled and be seduced by the culture, sights and local natural landscapes, the region surprises in all aspects. Located between two continents, Asia and Europe and located between two seas, marble and black, making tourism in Istanbul means being between chaotic and serene, traditional and modern and old and new, since it is possible to find a city historic with ornate churches and mosaic covered palaces left by the Byzantines, magnificent mosques and even luxurious hotels that leave anyone jaw-dropping. As for the Bosphorus bank, it is possible for tourists from all over the world and even residents of the city to meet to sit in outdoor cafes and restaurants and enjoy the beautiful landscapes or simply watch the sunset. Certainly, Istanbul is the ideal destination for those who want to experience a different culture and unique monuments, enjoy good food and lots of entertainment and shopping.

Santa Sofia Museum (Aya Sofya Muzesi)
Known as Hagia Sophia, this vibrant building began to be created in 532 and took approximately 6 years to complete. This monument, which is one of the most famous and visited in the world, was used for 916 years as a church, but after the conquest of Istanbul, the place was transformed into a mosque. In 1935, the place was converted again and turned into a museum, open for visitation. Because it has an impressive and unique beauty and is considered one of the greatest masterpieces of religious architecture, the Santa Sofia Museum is today considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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